How to sign a document without access to printer/scanner?

Sometimes, agencies ask us to sign documents, take the scan and then upload/mail the scanned copy of the signed document. This is definitely better than nail mail but still a bit cumbersome. This will need access to copier (carrying document) or printer (scanned copy is available) or both. In case you do not have these at home and office is clingy about usage, option is to visit a cafe or some such other places.

With smartphones, adobe reader and access to a clean white sheet, you can save these efforts. Read on to know how.

Step 1. Take scan of the document if not already done. On Android phones, use either ‘Microsoft office lens‘ or ‘camscanner‘. Transfer these scanned documents to a cloud storage drive for long term usage or mail to yourself. Upload in PDF format from camscanner.

Step 2. Take a small piece of white paper and sign on it by pen. Take scan of this also and upload on cloud or mail yourself. Upload in JPG format from camscanner.

Step 3. Open scanned document in Adobe Reader and open signature pan. Choose option to sign using image and insert the scanned signature. Done.

Additionally, if you have access to a touch screen laptop, a bit rare case with business laptops, you can directly sign on scanned copy using touch screen and stylus, again a rare thing.

I have done the same while uploading documents to EPFO and they accepted all, so its workable solution. Adobe has done nice work with this feature whereas it puts signature as transparency rather than as white background image. You can even change the size of the signature image.


Adobe Digital edition 2.0 issue

Dell Inspiron 15 laptop bought in Sep 2013 and upgraded to windows 8 pro 64 bit.

Ordered book through overdrive and downloaded adobe PDF version to read via adobe digital edition.

And Trauma started. The moment I close the lid for 2-3 times while ADE is open, scrolling stops working on the page. You need to use vertical scroll bar to scroll the page. After checking ADE forums, I found that the problem existing since 2009 from 1.7 version onwards.

It seems Adobe hasn’t learnt from flash fiasco on Apple devices. They have a good product in their hand as ADE and a basic functionality is not working. Have they even tested it on windows 8? I am really doubtful.

Logging off makes this somehow useful, but still its a big headache. Even when scrolling working, it simply jumps page. It seems no one in Adobe heard of continuous scrolling.

I should be posting this on their forum, but why if the issue is there since last 4 years.