Adobe Digital edition 2.0 issue

Dell Inspiron 15 laptop bought in Sep 2013 and upgraded to windows 8 pro 64 bit.

Ordered book through overdrive and downloaded adobe PDF version to read via adobe digital edition.

And Trauma started. The moment I close the lid for 2-3 times while ADE is open, scrolling stops working on the page. You need to use vertical scroll bar to scroll the page. After checking ADE forums, I found that the problem existing since 2009 from 1.7 version onwards.

It seems Adobe hasn’t learnt from flash fiasco on Apple devices. They have a good product in their hand as ADE and a basic functionality is not working. Have they even tested it on windows 8? I am really doubtful.

Logging off makes this somehow useful, but still its a big headache. Even when scrolling working, it simply jumps page. It seems no one in Adobe heard of continuous scrolling.

I should be posting this on their forum, but why if the issue is there since last 4 years.