How to check data usage for various services

Many a times, we need to know how much data got used in various services. Here are some links for some indian services.

Airtel Broadband

  1. Register using your Google account or FB account @
  2. Add your broadband account details.
  3. Login on
  4. After login using the google Account, you will see below type of screen
After login using the google account on

Login using google id

  1. Make sure to choose the drop down highlighted next to your landline number
  2. Choose to select the broadband account which will have _kk or _ap or _dh at the end depending on your state.
  3. Click on view bill after that.
  4. It should show you below toolbar toolbar for account specific actions

Toolbar for account specific actions

  1. Choose My account -> Account information
  2. You can see the information like below on the page after scrolling down.
Data usage for airtel broadband

Data usage for airtel broadband

Lumia Phone or Windows Phone

Install data sense as mentioned at . It gives pretty good data usage.

Aircel prepaid

USSD code to check data balance on aircel prepaid is *122*011#.

BSNL broadband for Hyderabad is the portal of secunderabad division to check data usage. Once you login, you can see home and service on top left side. Its very shoddily created site, but gets work done. Go to Services tab and find link to see unbilled usage details.