Disassociate from contributor role in a wordpress blog

If you were me, you may have signed up for some wordpress satire blog and contributing to it regularly, but getting fed up of your own mind getting too negative due to all that satire writing. Accept it, satire is good for a while but then it starts creeping into your own thinking and starts becoming a monster that needs constant feeding.

So fed up now and then you decide to relinquish the contributor role, only that you do not know whom to contact. We can try to figure it somehow, but the better way is to deface our contributor profile and create a random password to avoid the temptation of going back. This is what I did.

  1. Logged in to the profile and deleted or changed all profile information including description and name to some random value. User id can obviously be not deleted but that you should not have created of your own name if on satire website.
  2. Created a random gmail id using the InPrivate mode of IE and updated that in the profile page. Keep this gmail id for long term use to use it for such purposes or one time verification once in a while. Update that id in profile page and open your new mail, again in InPrivate Mode. Copy the link sent there and open it in your normal browser to take advantage of the saved password already.
  3. Now, the final step when you can lose it all. If you were me, you must have saved the password in browser or Lastpass. Open the blog profile page and go to change password page. Thanks to some cool guys at wordpress, they do not ask old password again before changing. Use lastpass to create a new random password from its toolbar or https://lastpass.com/generatepassword.php . There are few other services out there. Search those on google. Save this random password in notepad and copy it in both password fields and delete the notepad file where you have saved that random password. Save profile page and log out from blog page. Next time you try to log in, you do not remember the random password and all is gone with no link to you.
  4. [Optional] If you use Lastpass and used its toolbar to generate random password, it will save it in your vault. Open that vaulat and delete the entry with saved password. Truly everything gone now.

This may be required as part of cleaning your online tracks after a while. Let the unreachable admin try to reach you on the odd email id.