Airtel 4G Dongle, Metered connection and Delivery Optimization

Windows 10 has a setting named “Metered connection” that can be used to mark a WiFi network as metered connection which then disables many data hungry features. One of those features is “Delivery optimization” that allows windows to download updates from many other PCs besides from windows update servers. This also make our own PC as seeder and this feature is enabled by default. As it can be guessed, this is a problem on limited connections. Many people may be using lot of bandwidth unknowingly uploading windows update bits on behalf of Microsoft without Microsoft paying them anything. Microsoft has converted entire windows 10 ecosystem as a giant network sharing update pieces with others without their knowledge.

If we are using Airtel 4G dongle, it is recognized as “Dial Up” device by windows 10 and there is no setting available to mark it as “Metered connection”. If we choose to update our laptops while using these dongles, we unwittingly becomes part of peer to peer network sharing updates using valuable limited connection bandwidth.

To save on your bandwidth, make sure to disable “Delivery Optimization” on your laptop. Instructions are given at Disable and Turn Off Windows Delivery Optimization . Failing to do so can give you nasty surprises.

  1. Metered Connection
  2. Delivery Optimization
  3. Airtel 4G Dongle

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