Reliance Jio intrusive behavior

I took Reliance Jio connection after giving my fingerprint linked to aadhar. Process went very smooth and SIM was given immediately but downside started immediately again.

First of all, one needs to install host of apps to use Jio connection. Not an easy thing for a non technical person.

I never managed to do any phone call using Jio connection during free connection time. Jio would call it promotional but basically, it was to hook users to data usage, nothing promotional about this.

When time came to pay real cash, I chickened out and stpped paying anything and decided to uninstall Jio apps and this finally showed me intrusiveness of Jio apps.

  1. My phone contact lost all sync facilities with Whatspp and other apps
  2. Every app is asking permissions again.
  3. Bluetooth playback for Google maps is not working. After Jio app uninstallation, map is working as usual sending voice overs.

I believe that Jio is installing some rootkit and Man in the middle kind of apps that sits cozily between  OS and apps. It is serious issue and needs to be investigated by a competent authority not they themselves.


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