Modification in Remove-ScriptVariables by

I tried to use the script created at Function: Remove-ScriptVariables – Cleaning Up Script Variables in PowerShell by Pat Richard

There seemed a issue which makes this script unusable. I then made some changes in it. Changes added are for removing ‘SCRIPT‘ from variable names and cleaning the variables in the defined scope of the script.

function Remove-ScriptVariables()
     $result = Get-Content $path |
        ForEach{ if ( $_ -match'(\$.*?)\s*=') {
            $matches[1]  | ? { $_ -notlike'*.*' -and$_ -notmatch'result' -and$_ -notmatch'env:'}
     ForEach($v in ($result | Sort-Object | Get-Unique)){
        Write-Host "Removing" $v.replace("$","")
        Remove-Variable -Name:($v.replace("$","").replace("SCRIPT:","")) `
            -Scope:Script -ErrorAction:SilentlyContinue
} # end function Remove-ScriptVariables

Do ‘Get-Help Remove-variable -full | more’ to know what needs to be passed for Scope. Usually “SCRIPT” should be passed. This function can also be called at end of a function for better control with scope being defined as “LOCAL”. An example of using it as follows. This will remove script level variables created inside the script. Variables created inside a function will anyway be not accessible outside. ‘main’ is the function where I usually keep all my code.

    Remove-ScriptVariables -path:$MyInvocation.MyCommand.Name -scope:"SCRIPT"