Firefox is becoming creepy or at least hinting at

Many a times, I access a website through privacy window even on my [personal laptop and do not want it to appear in my browsing history in any way. Recently, I got a shocker. Entering one such website name in privacy tab, I discovered that there is auto completion going on and that’s looking creeping. After some analysis and trying all of the below, nothing changed. Auto completion continued.

  • Refresh firefox
  • Restart machine
  • Clear browsing data
  • Turn off suggested sites in new tab
  • Stop search engines from suggesting sites
  • Use DuckDuckGo

At the same time, when using Microsoft Edge and Google chrome privacy modes, no such auto complete was happening.

After a while, I came across a Firefox setting which when turned off allowed auto completion to turn off. Those are under Options\Privacy or about:preferences#privacy in new tab. Uncheck all the checkboxes under location bar. It took me some time and that’s scary since normal users cannot figure it easily.


At the same time, I purchased McAfee total security and ran McAfee App Protection on Android mobile. Lo and Behold, its marking Firefox alongside, Adobe Acrobat Reader and Skype and few other well known apps as medium risk application for its tendency to leak PII to third party sources.

Together, these tow are making me averse to Firefox now given that I use it to avoid intrusive detection and that is also the motto of Mozilla. They never gets tired of telling us about this, but seems to be following the different walks than their talk.