Workflows for document sharing knowledge world

Converting Web pages on Android to PDF document

  1. Install Mozilla Firefox for Android and Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  2. Open web page in Firefox after clicking on link or typing it. If it opens in default browser, copy the link and paste it in Firefox address bar.
  3. Open Firefox menu and go to Page->’Save as PDF’.
  4. Conversion process will start indicating a download is in progress.
    1. If not interested in actual page layout, try to open page in Firefox read mode if its available.
  5. Downloaded PDF file should be in the downloads folder or show in notification center.
  6. Open file in PDF viewer or select it in downloads folder.
  7. Use sharing option to upload it to favorite cloud folder, Google drive, Microsoft OneDrive or Dropbox.

If links are in Pocket App

  1. Open pocket app or and open the desired item saved earlier.
  2. Click on sharing button. If needed, click on more until you see Firefox in list. Alternatively, copy to clipboard and then paste it in Firefox.
  3. Further action as above.
  4. Converting on PC needs Bullzip or HTML2PDF and quiet time taking process. You can simply save page link in Pocket and then later on do PDF conversion on mobile in free time.

Link saving through Twitter

If you have very active twitter feed, lot of information may be scrolling and many with links. While going through them quickly, it is not easy to read through all of them and we may even forget about good things. Pocket by ‘Read It later’ comes handy in this case.

  1. Open tweet in twitter app and click on sharing option.
  2. Ins haring dialogue box, Use ‘Save to Pocket’ or ‘Google Keep’ or ‘Onenote’ option.
    1. I like pocket better than others. Other two simply create a new note.
  3. If this does not work, simply use ‘copy to clipboard’ from sharing option but it is suboptimal and copies the who tweet with shortened link. ‘Save to Pocket’ saves link embedded in the Tweet instead of tweet message. It saves tweet also but its display is intelligent to show inside links. If no inside link is there, it shows tweet.

This allows to move content between multiple devices. Pocket account and app can be created and installed on Desktop and other places. Firefox is now having native support for it.

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