Intel Proset Wired connectivity software creating WMI problems to fill up event log with error 0x80041010

Below event kept coming up in my system event viewer every 10 second.

Event filter with query “SELECT * FROM __InstanceOperationEvent WITHIN 10 WHERE (TargetInstance ISA ‘Msvm_ExternalEthernetPort’) OR (TargetInstance ISA ‘Msvm_VmLANEndpoint’) OR (TargetInstance ISA ‘Msvm_SyntheticEthernetPort’) OR (TargetInstance ISA ‘Msvm_ComputerSystem’) OR (TargetInstance ISA ‘Msvm_VLANEndpointSettingData’)” could not be reactivated in namespace “//./root/virtualization” because of error 0x80041010. Events cannot be delivered through this filter until the problem is corrected.

There is no indication as to who is registering this event from this log. Matter is not much helped by Microsoft who have removed WMI diagnostic utility from windows 8 onwards. “WMI administrative tools”  also does not work on windows 8.1.

I then tried to search using WMIC in command prompt  and GWMI/register-wmievent in powershell and both keeps giving me same errors as being not able to connected to the event source.

I next tried WINMGMT /resetrepository with the hint given at Command line switches in winmgmt have been updated now. It stopped these events in logged on session but reboot brought back the issue.

Finally, I saw the below event by enabling extended logging on the log WMI-Activity as shown in the video Notice the client process id there.

Id = {439D3EDE-29K2-0000-803E-5D43F969D801}; ClientMachine = ****HOME; User = NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM; ClientProcessId = 1852; Component = Unknown; Operation = Start IWbemServices::ExecNotificationQuery – root\virtualization : SELECT * FROM __InstanceOperationEvent WITHIN 10 WHERE (TargetInstance ISA ‘Msvm_ExternalEthernetPort’) OR (TargetInstance ISA ‘Msvm_VmLANEndpoint’) OR (TargetInstance ISA ‘Msvm_SyntheticEthernetPort’) OR (TargetInstance ISA ‘Msvm_ComputerSystem’) OR (TargetInstance ISA ‘Msvm_VLANEndpointSettingData’); ResultCode = 0x80041010; PossibleCause = Unknown

Checking the process id in Windows task manager, I finally figured out the source of these as “Intel Proset Wired connectivity software“. Uninstalling it and reboot has finally got rid of the issue. The issue seems to have started recently (check publish date) only, but thankfully it is gone. Reboot is necessary to reinstall network drivers.