NAS folders inaccessible on windows 8.1 after sleep

Use case

  1. You have some video on Seagate Home NAS and viewing it in windows media player (WMP).
  2. You have mapped NAS public folder as local drive letter on your laptop.
  3. Your laptop is windows 8.1 or windows 8 64 bit. You are connected to NAS via WiFi.
  4. You close the lid thus closing the video.
  5. Start the laptop again after 3-4 hours. Since It had went into sleep mode due to long idle time, power button needs to be used to restart it again.

What happens

WMP is showing a screen which is asking you to resume video. Video is gone from the screen and you cannot restart it.

When windows explorer is opened to check NAS status, you see that the NAS folders are not accessible. Refreshing windows explorer or restarting it does not help.


Turn off WiFi and turn it again. NAS folders become accessible again. I think turning off WiFi and turning again restarts some network location awareness service which searches for NAS folders again and make them available in WMP.