Avoid spam in your inbox & stop tracking

Opt out of Analytic services

On the wordpress settings page, there is link to the opt out page of third party tracking provider Kissmetrics. After opting out of this, you will come to the page https://www.kissmetrics.com/user-privacy#optout which provides choice to opt out pages of some others as perhaps revenge.

https://www.inspectlet.com/optout has normal opt out option.

You will need to open these links on each of your browsers, systems and users.

Avoid image upload in email

As explained at in ars technica, marketers are able to track us when we decide to click on display images below option in email clients. I too was doing it naively till now. So, beware when clicking on display images option.

Avoid unsubscribing or opting out from unknown mailers

Many a times, mass mailers send deceptively similar mails from known entities. You may thus receive mail sent by some random guy looking like a mail sent by ICICI. It will have unsubscribe link also. Clicking on the link will make sure that the marketer knows that your account belongs to a normal human. Before clicking on unsubscribe link, make sure to see sender id. If it is unknown domain, mark the mail as spam and delete without doing anything wit it.

Opt out of ad networks in 3 minutes

As pointed out by ZDNet and WSJ,  you can opt out of 99 ad networks in 3 minutes. Do it now by going to Network Advertising Initiative consumer choice page. You will need to repeat it multiple times on multiple browsers, but its worth it.